Healthy Travel Guide to Lisbon

Aug 15, 2022

I spent 6 weeks in Lisbon in May and June of this year. While I’ve been to Portugal a few times when I was younger (my parents were both born there), this was my first time spending an extended amount of time there as an adult, and I loved it! It was very nostalgic for me and oddly felt like home - from the food, to the smells, to all the locals sitting around smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee in cafes.



Here are some of my favorite places if you find yourself there!


Grocery Stores/Markets:


BioMercado and Go Natural are the main organic grocery stores in Lisbon. They have organic produce, eggs, dairy, and any most other healthier packaged items you’re looking for. They also have some organic meat products and sometimes liver, but I was unclear whether they were grass-fed.


Grass-fed Meat:


My go-to for grass-fed meat and raw cheeses was Mercearia Açores/Azores Grocery. You can actually also find grass-fed meat at...

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Healthy Travel Guide to London

Jul 15, 2022


Today's blog post is actually a healthy travel guide for London! 


I haven’t done too many of these, so if you find them valuable, please comment and let me know and I’ll try to retrospectively create city guides for all the other places I’ve been around Central America over the last 2 years!


These aren’t the usual healthy “travel” guides, as I spent 4-8 weeks in each place I travel, so while I’ll share some great restaurants and bakeries, I want to also share the best grocery stores, where to get grass-fed meat and raw milk, gyms, massages, facialists, and anything else I think is worth sharing!



I spent a few months in London two winters ago and then a few weeks again last month. I see the appeal of living in an English speaking country in Europe, but I missed the sun a little bit too much! Also, having a Whole Foods to walk into and get whatever food product you...

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The Perfect Wellness Getaway

Nov 19, 2019

In March, I saw that Getaway House was opening an outpost in Big Bear – just a short drive from Los Angeles.  I excitedly reached out to them to partner up!  For those of you who have been following me for a while, you know I love a weekend getaway.  I used to have all of the excuses why I couldn’t take a night or two away.  I didn’t have the money.  I can’t afford to take the time off.  I have too much to do.  Blah.  Blah.  Blah.


I stopped the excuses and I started making weekend getaways (and even one-night staycations) a part of my regular routine.  Wellness isn’t just eating well and working out, it’s also taking care of yourself – mentally and emotionally.  For me, that looks like taking a night or two out of the city, to give myself some space to breath and think without dishes to be done or emails to be sent.  It always leaves me so relaxed and recharged,...

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