Healthy Travel Guide to London

healthy living travel Jul 15, 2022


Today's blog post is actually a healthy travel guide for London! 


I haven’t done too many of these, so if you find them valuable, please comment and let me know and I’ll try to retrospectively create city guides for all the other places I’ve been around Central America over the last 2 years!


These aren’t the usual healthy “travel” guides, as I spent 4-8 weeks in each place I travel, so while I’ll share some great restaurants and bakeries, I want to also share the best grocery stores, where to get grass-fed meat and raw milk, gyms, massages, facialists, and anything else I think is worth sharing!



I spent a few months in London two winters ago and then a few weeks again last month. I see the appeal of living in an English speaking country in Europe, but I missed the sun a little bit too much! 😂 Also, having a Whole Foods to walk into and get whatever food product you want was something I didn't know I missed so much. It’s the little (or big) things.


Grocery Stores, Markets + Meat

  • Whole Foods. Their liver pâtés are insanely delicious and a great way to get in organ meats (they don’t carry these in the US Whole Foods).
  • Planet Organic. Overpriced - it’s like the Erewhon of London - but not as many options. It tends to skew more plant-based, but they have some decent skincare, supplements, good chocolate, baking ingredients, and items like smoked salmon, sardines, and organic sliced deli meats.
  • Farmers Markets. I went to the Notting Hill market, but there are many all over town, with a great selection of seasonal and local produce and grass-fed meats and organ meats.


Raw Milk

  • Hurdlebrook. I found them at the Notting Hill Farmers Market, but they sell at other locations around London and the UK as well. They have raw milk, cream, butter yogurt, sour cream, and their milk is from A2 cows!
  • Hook & Son. I haven’t personally tried this one, but they are available at Borough Market and I’ve heard great things.
  • Abbey Farm Dairy. Not in London, but if you happen to make it to Norfolk, this is the spot. They have the cutest raw milk vending machine where you can get the freshest of raw milk directly from their cows - which you can watch grazing on the grass right outside!



Restaurants, Bakeries, and Others




  • Gymbox. This is where I worked out the majority of my stay, as they have locations all around town, decent equipment and offer day and month passes.
  • Third Space. I also worked out here, equivalent to Equinox, but smaller and less corporate.





  • Flavio Vilhais. Best facial I've had in a LONG time and he transformed my skin! I met Flavio in Lisbon, but he also sees clients 1x a month in London.

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