Hey, I’m Amanda, Personal Trainer and Holistic Nutritionist!  I help women lose fat effortlessly, while improving their gut health, so that they can feel more confident in their bodies and stop dieting for good!

Do you feel like you’ve tried ALL the diets out there and nothing has worked?
Wondering if you should just throw in the towel because this is too hard?

I feel you, because this was me!  In the past, I spent so much money and time trying all of the diets, meals plans, magazine exercise programs, and even the diet pills, and NOTHING worked.  I would lose 5 pounds here and there, but I would always gain it back (+ more) the second I wanted to live my life.  I felt stuck and it honestly felt like a never-ending rollercoaster.

When I finally made the decision that I didn’t want my diet dictating if or when I went out to eat or preventing me from living my life, that’s when things finally started to change.

This is why I now help women, like you, find a sustainable, intuitive, and science-based approach to losing weight and improving your gut health, once and for all.

Looking for some support with getting off the diet train and making real and sustainable change for good?  I’ve got you!


Do you feel like you’ve tried all-of-the-diets without getting the results you’re looking for?  Here’s the thing: the number one thing you need right now is support and guidance.  You’re done with trying to do this on your own and you know that you need some support in reaching your goals.

I’m here to work with you every step of the way to figure out what is going to work best for you to finally lose the weight, improve your digestion, and look (and feel) your best ever!


Are you looking for in-person support to help you build muscle and burn fat?

Let’s work together to get you on a consistent weight training routine, improve your form, lose fat, and get the in-person accountability that you’re looking for!

Holy crap has my perspective on food completely shifted. I initially went in my 3 month coaching program very impatient and wanting Amanda to tell me what to exactly eat, but this journey has been much more rewarding than that.

With biweekly talks, we were able to go very in depth about various defeating thoughts I have with food and even other aspects of my life that directly correlate to my emotional eating/disordered eating patterns. I no longer dread “healthy foods” or see it as an “all or nothing approach.” In fact, I am able to identify what foods make me feel worse in terms of energy, mood, digestion and what foods are better for me and that is something that is much more sustainable than solely focusing on numbers as I intended to do in the beginning. I also struggle with PMDD/irregular and painful periods, and I feel much more regulated and equipped to deal with my PMS. Also, it helped knowing that I was held accountable by her and having regular check ins helped a ton, especially when you do face an inevitable challenge or setback.

I really think if you are wanting to make a real, lasting impactful change on your relationship with food, and are prepared to be vulnerable, you should seek out Amanda. I am sure we can all seek out well meaning advice from health professionals, but Amanda is someone who allowed me to be vulnerable and truly felt she understood my struggles and could sympathize with them. If this sounds kind of like therapy, it’s because it was in some respects and was definitely more than giving you a meal plan and telling you to “suck it up.” I am so excited about the new perspective and tools I have and am only beginning to see the real lasting changes I have made.

Christina A.

I had been following Amanda for a bit on Instagram and I really connected with her mindset, specifically her focus on whole foods and gut health without completely eliminating anything. When I reached out, I had just gotten engaged and was hoping to get back more in shape for the upcoming wedding.

There is so much information out there regarding weight loss and health and it is so nice to have a clear voice that cuts through all the conflicting ideas. Weekly check-ins with tailored macros and a workout plan sounds basic but it has been the perfect amount of structure without feeling like this is taking over my life. In the beginning, I was incredibly hard on myself and Amanda’s encouragement was exactly what I needed to reframe my mindset, which I think is what truly led to my success.

I continually look to her for guidance in helping me get in touch with my own body both in weight loss and building my strength!

Madison R.

Amanda has changed the way I think about how I treat my body.  Severely self-conscious, and with a great desire to lose weight, I came to Amanda needing serious help.  In just three months she morphed the way I look at food and my body for the better.  I am more consistently making choices that feed my body what it needs, am honed in on how food makes me feel, and am definitely gentler with myself when I fall off track.  While I only lost six pounds, I am so grateful to her.  I know that my journey has just begun, and I hope to join her again soon for some training!!!  THANK YOU AMANDAAAAAAAA!!!

Nichole B.

Amanda is a life savior! Let me start with a little bit of background about myself. I’m a physician by profession and over the past few years- work stress, bad lifestyle choices, bad diet & poor sleep patterns, finally started to catch up. When I met Amanda about 8 months ago, my physical and mental health was in terrible shape.

As a personal trainer- Amanda knows what she is doing, training sessions are personalized to my individual goals, she is polite/supportive but she can also be strict! She knows how to keep me motivated, how to push me to my limits. I can actually do one legged squats, who knew!

As a health coach – Amanda has wealth of knowledge! Being a physician, I always thought I knew enough about healthy diet, healthier lifestyle & I couldn’t be more wrong! I have learnt so much from her; my diet is completely changed (in a good way), I love what I eat, I sleep better, I can think more clearly. Overall, I feel healthier & happier.

If you are serious about investing in your health, hire Amanda!!

Rajan G.

Amanda is a freakin’ GODDESS! She definitely lives up to her name and is incredibly knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. She offers the best tips in a sincere and approachable way which motivates me to workout more and eat healthier – something most of us want, right?! And while we have different diets, she is educated on the way I eat and understands how to help me. I truly value her and the information she shares and think she’s a wonderful trainer and coach no matter where you’re at on your journey!

Melissa G.
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