About Amanda

Do you feel like no matter what you try, nothing works?

Do you find yourself getting overwhelmed with all of the nutrition info out there?

I feel you!  I was once in your shoes and can completely understand.

Hey, I’m Amanda.  I’m a personal trainer, fitness nutritionist, and holistic nutritionist based in Los Angeles, California.

I help my clients lose fat and balance their gut health through my customized approach to fitness and nutrition.

Over 10 years ago, I had a big breakthrough…

In 2005, I overcame my lifelong battle with depression and anxiety, and also shed the extra 30 pounds that I had put on when going through this experience.

After completely transforming my body and my mind, I realized that the transformation I had was spilling over to other areas of my life – my career picked up, my relationships improved, and my self-worth sky-rocketed.

I knew that I couldn’t keep these results to myself, so I began to help other people transform their lives, as well.

Fitness was only the beginning.  My journey has continued to evolve to include a more holistic approach.

While getting clients the bodies they desire is my top priority, I put an even stronger emphasis on health and longevity.

I believe that proper and efficient digestion is the key to not only getting the body that people want, but also to preventing all diseases.  Win-win!

Ok, let’s be honest – I nerd out on studying the latest research, reading and listening to everything health-related.  I now use all of that knowledge to make individualized recommendations to help my clients lose weight, feel energized, look radiant, and thrive.

Seeing my clients achieve their goals and see their lives blossom over the course of our work together is why I do this work.


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How Can I Help You?

I've tried everything to lose weight! I just need a fat loss approach that works! Show me how to do it.


I'm struggling with chronic digestive, skin, or auto-immune issues. I need a step-by-step approach!


I'm looking for high-protein recipes that are fat loss and gut health friendly. I want to indulge and still get to my goals!


I'm just here looking for some of your favorite product, supplement, and chocolate recommendations!


Professional Bio

Amanda is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, a Restorative Wellness Practitioner, and Certified Personal Trainer through NASM.  She has also received her Women’s Fitness Specialist and Fitness Nutrition certifications.  Amanda has written for various health publications and is busy working with an impressive celebrity client list. 


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