Why I Only Drink Mushroom Coffee (And Other Mushrooms!)

coffee mushrooms nutrition Oct 03, 2017

If you’ve been following me for a while now, then you already know my obsession with mushrooms.  I’m not kidding when I tell you I drink mushrooms for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I’m actually drinking some right now (no surprise!).  And for good reason. Mushrooms are some of the most potent, powerful, health-promoting foods on the planet. They’re immune-boosting, cancer-fighting, and they’re high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.  There is extensive research on the medicinal effects of mushrooms, but what really sold me and continues to sell me on drinking mushroom elixirs are how they make me feel.  I started drinking them over 2 years ago and after only a couple of weeks, I noticed incredible benefits, and now I’m hooked!


Now, these aren’t culinary mushrooms (although there’s some benefits to those) or psychedelic mushrooms (which may actually be beneficial too, but that’s for another blog post!).  The mushrooms I’m talking about here are medicinal mushrooms, such as reishi, cordyceps, or chaga, to name just a few.  These mushroom are inedible, but with an extraction process, we can extract all the health-promoting benefits out of them.


Before you brush this off as another “wellness trend,” let’s break down a few surprising facts about mushrooms.  First of all, the benefits mentioned here are all clinically proven, so let’s just get that out of the way.  Second of all, did you know that our DNA is very similar to the DNA of mushrooms?  More so than any other plant on the planet!  And lastly, many of the most popular pharmaceutical drugs utilize mushrooms (penicillin, for example!).  So, as usual, I’ll skip the side-effects of prescription medications and go the holistic, preventative route instead!



The wellness scene has been buzzing lately with all the medicinal mushrooms and adaptogenic herbs, but quality does matter here, which is why I love the company Four Sigmatic.  Four Sigmatic uses a dual-extraction method, utilizing a hot-water extract and an alcohol-extract.  Most companies only use a water-extract, which is great, but it leaves behind certain nutrients and benefits you can only get with alcohol-extraction.  All of their products are also organic, and most come in handy little single-serving packets, making it super easy for traveling or when on-the-go.


Since I started making these mushroom elixirs and tonics on my Instagram stories, I’ve gotten so many questions on why I take certain mushrooms and what the benefits are of each.  So, today I’m breaking down a few of my favorite Four Sigmatic products and when and why I take them.



 When do I take it?

  • Pre-workout.
  • In the morning.
  • When I need an energy boost.

Why do I take it?

  • Less caffeine that coffee (50 mg., which is about 1/2 cup of coffee).  Better for adrenal health!
  • Alkalizing mushrooms, to counteract the acidity in coffee.  If you become too acidic, your body will start to leach minerals from your bones!  If I’m having coffee out, I always bring a packet of mushrooms to mix into it, for this reason.
  • Caffeine is one of the best natural, pre-workout supplements.  It increases the activity of your central nervous system, which can lead to an increase in performance.  Caffeine also increases your body’s ability to burn fat (yessssssss!).
  • Coffee is one of the most pesticide-ridden crops with high levels of mycotoxins (mold toxins), but Four Sigmatic is organic and mycotoxin-free.  Every batch is tested!

I drink the Mushroom Coffee with Cordyceps before working out or in the morning if I’ll be having an active day, and I drink the Mushroom Coffee with Lion’s Mane in the morning if I need to get work done or if I need my brain to be “on.”   Also, Four Sigmatic also now carries a Mushroom Matcha, if you prefer matcha tea over coffee!


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When do I take it?

  • When I need an energy boost, without caffeine.
  • Pre-workout, always!  I usually drink the mushroom coffee with cordyceps, or just the cordyceps if I’ve already had enough caffeine. 
  • Anytime!

Why do I take it?

  • Increases oxygen uptake.
  • Prevents fatigue.
  • Prevents the buildup of lactic acid.
  • Increases aerobic capacity.
  • Increases cellular energy.

image of Four Sigmatic Elixirs



When do I take it?

  • Before writing, creative work, or studying.
  • When I need a little extra focus.
  • When I’ve been working out a lot or extra hard.
  • Anytime!

Why do I take it?

  • It’s a cognitive enhancer.
  • Stimulates the creation of new brain cells.
  • Protects and repairs the nervous system.
  • Anti-aging.  Decreases the risk for Parkinson’s and Alzheimers.



When do I take it?

  • In the evening or before bed.
  • When I’m stressed or anxious.
  • Anytime!

Why do I take it?

  • Can prevent and inhibit cancer cell growth.
  • Promotes longevity.
  • Can lower blood pressure.
  • Cultivates spiritual energy.
  • Regulates the immune system.
  • Hormonally balancing.
  • It’s an adaptogen, so it intuitively works with your body to amp it up or slow it down, depending on what you need.
  • Decreases sleep latency and increases quality of sleep.



When do I take it?

Why do I take it?

  • Anti-viral (my personal flu shot).
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • One of the highest antioxidants substances.
  • Great for the eyes, skin, and hair!
  • Great for gut-health and digestive disorders.


I’m not going to tell you what to do, but you should definitely add 1 or all of these into your daily routine.  You can mix the elixirs in hot water, or create a blended tonic with them using some ghee, MCT oil, and a bit of stevia.  I like to add them into coffee, smoothies, baked goods, sauces, or soups.  I find the easiest way to get these in and make them part of your routine is to incorporate them into something you’re already doing.

These are a few of my favorites, but they also have a matcha, a hot cacao mix, superfood blends (my favorite for smoothies), or a sample pack if you want to just dip your toes in.  It’s best to take these on a regular basis, and rotate them based on what you feel your body needs most.


You can use this link and use the code RAWFITNESS15 to get 15% off your order!


Have any of you experimented with medicinal mushrooms?  What’s your favorite?  If you haven’t, which one do you want to try?  Any questions/comments about mushrooms?


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