My Go-To Quick Protein Sources

protein May 20, 2022

I touched down in Lisbon, Portugal Saturday and after traveling through Central America for the last year, it’s been an adjustment, to say the least.


The time difference, the pace of Europe, and trying to transition from speaking Spanish to Portuguese is a real struggle! Even though Portuguese was my first language (I lost it young), my Spanish is way more advanced at this point.



Another adjustment I’ve had to make here is figuring out what is what in the organic markets. You should have seen me yesterday walking through the aisles with my translation app out trying to figure out what the labels on these products say!


Is this cream cheese or cottage cheese? Is this meat grass-fed or just organic? Are these eggs pastured-raised or just free range? What kind of flour is this?


I emerged from the market two hours later…it was comical!


It took me some time in Central America too, and I know I’ll find my groove here, but it’s not easy navigating healthy eating in a foreign country.


In America (and many other countries too!) there are a plethora of healthy products and quick and easy protein sources that truly make hitting your protein targets very convenient!


I’m going to share a few with you below, in hopes that it helps you make better choices and hit your protein targets:


  • Ready-to-eat rotisserie chicken. Whole Foods has organic rotisserie chickens, which is super convenient during a busy night or to store in your fridge for hectic weeks.


  • Carnivore Snax. These are my favorite jerky snacks. Super clean, just grass-fed meat and salt. Love sticking these in my suitcase for trips or keeping a stash in my bag or car for when it’s been too long since a meal. They have a ton of different meat options, some with higher/lower amounts of protein.


  • Smoked salmon. Just be sure to look for wild caught!


  • Sliced turkey, chicken, ham, or prosciutto. Love having these in the fridge to pair with a few eggs or to grab-and-go on the run.


  • Paleo Valley Beef or Turkey Sticks. Another favorite grass-fed jerky - but these are fermented meat sticks. They’re delicious! They have both turkey or beef options, and both are great!


  • Canned fish. Again, best to look for wild and those canned without any vegetable oils. My go-to would be canned salmon, sardines, or smoked oysters.


  • Liver paté. This isn’t always easily available in the states - you might need to go to specialty stores, but I’ve seen it in the UK Whole Foods. Perfect for a snack with some carrots or cucumbers!


  • Cottage cheese. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know my obsession lately with cottage cheese and I’ve been posting all of your suggestions on what to pair it with! My favorite right now is scrambling a little bit into my scrambled eggs right before they’re done! Be sure to look for an organic, grass-fed brand.


  • Greek yogurt. A tried and true, but a great way to get in some extra protein! And if you pair it with this next one, it’s a killer high-protein combo! Again, just be sure to look for an organic, grass-fed brand.


  • Promix Protein Puffs. I can’t even tell you my obsession with these - I have two boxes in my cabinet right now and I’m really trying not to burn through them in a week. These puffs are made from whey isolate protein, believe it or not. They don’t taste like too much, but the crunch factor is so satisfying. Pair with greek yogurt or make some protein ice cream and use these as a topping!


If you’re looking for more high-protein snacks and meal ideas, the Premium Package of Protein Bakes has 50+ more!


If you feel lost on how much protein you actually need to start seeing results, check out Fat Loss 101 here.


Hope these tips help you to prioritize protein a little more this week, even if your life is a little hectic (or if you’re a little lazy some nights and want to skip a full-on dinner prep)!


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