7 Ways to Support Your Lymphatic System

If you’ve been around Raw Fitness and Nutrition for awhile, you know just how important proper detoxification is for optimal health. Supporting healthy detoxification and encouraging overall health requires participation from many bodily systems and organs. Today, we’re talking about the MVP of detoxification: the lymphatic system.

Your lymphatic system is an essential part of your immune system that covers you from head-to-toe. It fights infection and protects you from pathogens. As you can see, keeping your lymphatic system in tip-top shape is a non-negotiable for ideal health. No matter who you are or the status of your health, supporting your lymphatic system is a smart idea. 

What is the Lymphatic System? 

Your lymphatic system is made up of several fundamental parts, including:

  • Lymph- Excess fluid that drains from tissue and cells
  • Lymph Nodes- Small glands that cleanse and filter lymph.
  • Lymph Vessels- Capillaries and tubes that carry lymph away from the tissues and excrete from the body.

Together, this complex and impressive collection of lymphatic parts is responsible for fighting infection, protecting against foreign invaders, maintaining fluid levels, and excreting toxic waste from the body.


Signs of Lymphatic Congestion

Congestion in the lymph nodes are basically blockages or inflammation preventing the lymph from doing their jobs well. Your lymphatic system is usually pretty good about letting you know when congestion is an issue to address.  In other words, lymph congestion is your body’s sign of screaming for help.

Lymphatic congestion might look like:

  • Overall inflammation and swelling
  • Frequent sore throat 
  • Chronic fatigue 
  • Puffiness in the face 
  • Unwanted weight gain 
  • Skin issues 
  • Frequent colds 
  • Brain fog 
  • Constipation 

Lymph dysfunction or congestion most commonly occurs in those with chronic infections, sedentary lifestyles, or frequent exposure to toxins. If this sounds like you, there’s no need to worry. There are endless ways you can boost your lymph system, improve lymph function, and prevent congestion.


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How to Support Your Lymphatic System 

Successfully supporting your lymph system might be easier than you think. Here are some effective ways you can give your lymph a little extra love, today:

  1. Rebounding- Think: adult trampoline. Rebounding is a fancy word for “jumping on a small trampoline.” Movement, like jumping and running, encourages lymphatic flow and increases its function.
  2. Dry Brushing- Dry brushing supports lymphatic drainage through long, light brush strokes on the skin. This relaxing and powerful technique can be done before your daily shower. 
  3. Infrared Sauna- Using a sauna regularly helps sweat out and excrete toxins from the body, giving your lymph system a healthy boost.
  4. Lymphatic Massage- Perform lymphatic massage on yourself daily, starting with proper breathing and moving through the massage from head-to-toe. Learn how to perform proper lymphatic massage, here.
  5. Cold/Hot Showers- Alternating between hot and cold water in the shower promotes detoxification and stimulates circulation in the body- both of which are essential for healthy lymph function. Start with 2-3 minutes of hot water, then transition to 1 minute of cold water. Repeat this hot/cold cycle throughout the rest of your shower, ending with cold water. 
  6. Hydration- Drinking adequate water throughout the day is the easiest way to support healthy lymph function. Water helps your body effectively drain and remove toxins from the body, which is the lymphatic systems main job. 
  7. Herb Support- In addition to all of the above, herbal supplementation can further support your lymph system. Try herbs, like: red clover, echinacea, burdock root, astragalus, goldenseal, and dandelion to give your lymphatic system some special attention. Remember, to talk with your doctor or healthcare professional before introducing any new herbs or supplements. 


Your lymphatic system is primarily responsible for keeping your body free of pathogens, infections, and foreign invaders. Needless to say, it’s imperative to support this fundamental system the best you can. Try implementing these tips and tricks, today. Share your results on Instagram and tag me (@rawfitnessandnutrition) to shed more light on the importance of lymphatic health! 


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