1:1 Holistic Fat Loss Coaching Program

Do you feel like you're doing everything right, yet you're still not losing weight?


Do you want to feel good in your clothes, but not obsess about food?


Are you sick of always feeling like you're either "on" or "off" the wagon?


Do you feel if you had the support and guidance that you could be consistent and reach your goals once and for all?


I get it!  I’ve been there!


For years and years, I was struggling to lose the weight.  I was bloated all the time, no matter what I ate.  I was exhausted all the time.  I had nothing left for work, for my family, for a social life.  I was addicted to sugar for that energy hit, but it just left me feeling even more exhausted and inflamed.


I wanted to be able to feel good and confident in my body when I got dressed for a night out.  I wanted to be able to throw a bathing suit on and go have an impromptu beach day with my friends, and not obsess over what my body looked like.


I want to work together to teach you that you’re not alone, and that you don’t have to continue on this emotional and physical roller coaster ride you’ve been on with your weight and your health.  I want to help you rebuild your metabolism, burn fat, while still being able to eat the foods you love.

Wondering if this program is right for you?

"I just finished working with Amanda for 3 months and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I've had limited success and ample frustration working with doctors, nutritionists and trainers over the years to both address an autoimmune issue while simultaneously also helping me to build muscle and get stronger."

Stephanie S.

"Let me start by saying I have lost over 25lbs with Amanda which is the most weight I've ever lost. For some reason deep down I didn't believe I could do it (maybe you can relate). She helped me develop my inner voice to motivate myself by pushing me farther than I believed I could go, answered a million questions I had about nutrition, and taught me the importance of a mind/body connection."

Jess R.

"After working with her I've lost more than 35 pounds. She's part trainer, part nutritionist and part life-coach."

Lynn B.

"I've built muscle, leaned out, and solved some annoying gut issues along the way. I'm very grateful, recommend her guidance to anyone who wants to build lasting habits."

Kelsey L.

"I can say working with Amanda has been life changing! Things that were happening to me that I thought were normal, I realised weren't. I learnt more about how my body works than I thought I could. Now, three months later, I am less bloated (i thought I was good when I first started- not the case!), I am getting stronger, I am loving the gym, and with Amanda's help I have learnt to love these aspects of health."

Anna P.

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