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The Best Time to Eat for Fat Loss

Feb 02, 2022


I always get asked for my best fat loss tips, so today I'm sharing two of my favorites with you:


Tip #1: Eat with the sun! 


I love this tip so much, because it’s so simple and it’s free and it has the capacity to radically alter your health for the better. When we eat is just as important - and I would even argue more important - than what we eat. We are not designed to be eating all day every day. Eating late into the night, once the sun has set, has been shown to disrupt not only your sleep but your circadian rhythm and metabolism, as well.


The kitchen should open when the sun rises and close once the sun sets.


I think just using this tip can be a great tool to improve your health during these last two weeks of the year. Eat what you want, focusing on (mostly) whole food, protein-rich foods, of course, but once the sun sets, that’s it, kitchen closed.


The 4 Fat Loss Mistakes You're Probably Making


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The #1 Fat Loss Mistake You’re Making

Sep 19, 2020

Losing excess fat in a healthy and sustainable way is easier said than done. It requires patience, consistency, and a little bit of science. However, there is one fat loss mistake that almost every weight-loss-hopeful makes during their weight loss journey and it might just catch you by surprise.

If you’ve ever tried to lose fat, your story might sound something like this:

You’ve decided to get healthy and drop the weight you’ve gained over the last couple of years.

To start, you eat “healthy” foods, cut down on portion sizes, and hit the gym almost every day.

After weeks of working so hard, you’re still not seeing results. Or, maybe you saw results almost immediately, but now… nothing! At this point, your progress has plateaued and you feel beyond frustrated. Eventually,  you just say “F*&$ IT!”

Now, your diet goes out the window and you opt for the couch over the gym.

If this sounds too familiar, know...

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