The Health Books I've Been Reading

fat loss nutrition Jan 19, 2022


One of the habits I developed in 2021 is reading for 30-60 minutes every morning and it’s the one thing I will not be giving up in 2022. It’s my favorite part of my day!



I haven’t shared my recent reads in a while, so here they are:

The P:E Diet by Ted Naiman

Loved this book for it’s simple and practical approach to diet and exercise.  If you have ever been confused about the whys and hows of high-protein diets or which foods to prioritize for fat loss, this one’s for you. He also has a cooking essentials and strategies chapter that is perfect for anyone who is just starting on their health journey and finds cooking their own food intimidating.  Of course, there are some ideas I don’t completely agree with, but overall I enjoyed this book and recommend it.


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The Devil is in the Milk by Keith Woodford and Thomas Cowan

If you know me, you know my love for raw milk is BIG, and this is because I was never able to tolerate milk until I changed the type of milk I was drinking. This book looks at the research and strives to answer the question, “Is it the milk or is it something in the milk?”  He hits on heart disease, autism, autoimmune conditions, and diabetes, and by the end of the book you’ll be wanting to get your hands on some A2 milk. There’s a lot here on the politics of research, so if it’s not your thing, you might not love it.


Health and Light by John Ott

Mind-blowing book on the power of light and how it can transform your physical and mental health. If you’re curious as to why I’m in the sun as much as I possibly can be and blocking as much toxic blue light as possible, this is your book.  It’s an easy, entertaining read and it’ll completely shift your paradigm on light.


The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you, but only read this book if you’re prepared to be saddened and angrier than ever and never trust the government again.  I’m about 70% into this book right now, and I’m taking a break to read something else a little less heavy - it’s a bit too much. Whatever side you stand on through this “pandemic,” I think it’s always a good idea to educate yourself on both sides, be open to new information, and don’t be afraid to change your mind.


Okay, many more book recommendations to come in 2022, as I’ll be continuing my morning reading/sunrise ritual!  Let me know if you read any of the above and your thoughts!  And let me know some habits you’ll be continuing this year, as well!


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