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I never gave much thought to the water I was drinking until very recently.  All water is created equal, right?  Not quite.  When I became aware of how magnificently powerful water can be, I made a conscious decision to only drink the best water possible.



  • Water, like food, is information.  It becomes you.  On a biological level, you are the water you consume.
  • It’s vital and necessary for survival.  We can survive 3 weeks without food, but we can not survive more than 3 days without water!  It’s our lifeblood!  Water is responsible for keeping us energized, for proper brain and nervous system function, for joint flexibility, and for the health of our hormonal system.  Even being slightly dehydrated can set us up to feel terrible!
  • Dehydration can clog our lymphatic system.  Our lymphatic system is comprised of mostly water and if not properly hydrated, can become congested.  This can lead to bloating, headaches, skin issues, aches/pains, cold hands/feet, and even certain type of cancers (and breast pain, for my women readers!).
  • Our blood plasma is over 90% water.  Our blood plasma is responsible for transporting blood cells, oxygen, nutrients, and hormones.
  • Water keeps us regular.
  • Water keeps us lean!  As I’ve mentioned before, staying hydrated can decrease your hunger.  And when you’re properly hydrated, your metabolism ramps up!


As you can see, hydration is so important, and the type of water you drink is even more important!  Have you ever felt like you’ve had plenty of water, yet you’re still thirsty?  When you’re drinking the wrong type of water, it’s doesn’t properly hydrate you.


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Tap water is not only full of chemicals and pharmaceuticals (anti-depressants & muscle relaxers, to name a few), but it’s also treated with chlorine and fluoride.  Chlorine is an antibiotic, which kills pathogens, but it also kills all the good bacteria in your gut along with it.  Damaged gut bacteria can promote weight gain and depression (95% of the body’s serotonin is found in the gut!).  Drinking tap water is basically like taking an antibiotic every day.  Gross!  And then we have fluoride.  Fluoride can damage your brain, thyroid, and bones.  Most countries have banned the use of fluoride, but not us!

I checked my own water supply and these 5 contaminants were detected above health guidelines (not to mention 16 other contaminants below health guidelines, but still present!) over the last two years:

  • Arsenic (carcinogen & causes cancer)
  • Bromate (carcinogen, damages DNA, & causes organ cancers)
  • Chromium (carcinogen & causes cancer)
  • Radiological Contaminants – Radon & Uranium (increases cancer risk and may harm fetal development)
  • TTHMs (cancer-causing contaminants)

And Los Angeles is said to have some of the cleanest water?  Not to get all conspiratorial, but nobody is protecting us!  We have to educate and protect ourselves!  You can check your own water supply right here.



Filtering is great, sure.  It might remove the taste/smell of chlorine and a few other impurities, but it’s not filtering all of these contaminants out.  Even the best filters won’t filter out everything.  If this is your only option, this is the water filter I recommend.



First of all, most bottled water sold in the stores is just tap water.  They’ve tested bottled waters to find the exact same contaminants that are in tap water.  And even if the water is free of contaminants, most come in a plastic bottles (even BPA-free plastic is toxic), so you’re getting a nice big dose of estrogen along with your “hydration.”  Choose glass bottles (spring water preferably) if possible!



Water that has been purified or distilled is stripped of all of it’s minerals, leaving you with dead water.  Alkaline water, where the PH has mechanically been altered, is no better.  Also, where is the water that is being alkalized come from?  Is it just tap water?


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Now, this is where it’s at!  Spring water is the absolute best choice for water.  It’s the most natural, the cleanest, and the purest form of water.  Straight from the earth!  I truly believe nature gives us everything we need to survive!  It is the most hydrating of all water, because of it’s rich mineral content.  It’s alive!  I always say if you want to feel alive, eat food that is alive.  Same holds true for water!  Spring water is abundant in sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and other minerals, all of which our body’s need to maintain it’s proper fluid balance and hydration.  It’s also naturally high in probiotics – propogating the gut with good bacteria, rather than killing them off!

  • Collect your own spring water.  The best, freshest, and most natural way to drink spring water is to source it yourself.  Just be sure to collect it in glass bottles.  You can look up springs at  You might be surprised to find a spring right in your neighborhood!
  • Buy bottled spring water.  If sourcing your own spring water feels excessive, you can find bottled spring water (in glass!) at some stores.  A few popular brands are Mountain Valley or Castle Rock.
  • Get spring water delivered to your home.  Live Spring Water and Mountain Valley will deliver spring water in large glass bottles to your home, if you’re in California.


After much research, I choose to get my water delivered to my home from Live Spring Water.  I would source it myself, except I don’t have time for that!  And their water is better than anything I could ever get around here.  It’s not only the best water I’ve ever tasted (trust me!), but I immediately feel more hydrated and energized.  It makes me want to drink more water!  My digestion has improved tremendously since I started drinking it, as well.

  • They source their water from Opal Spring in Madras, Oregon, one of the most naturally protected and pure water sources.
  • They collect and deliver the water to you in glass bottles within just a couple of days, which I can’t say is true for any other company.  The only way to get fresher water is actually drinking it from the spring itself!
  • Naturally high levels of silica are found in their water.  Silica keeps the skin hydrated, increases collagen in the skin and joints, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, keeps hair luxurious, builds strong nails, protects and builds strong bones, teeth and gums.


Yes, their water is a bit pricey, but it’s 1,000% worth it.  It’s an investment I choose to make, because my health and vitality are worth it.  Just like we invest in high-quality, organic food, it’s even more important to invest in high-quality, live water.   If you’re not in the California area, find a company you can trust that sources spring water and will deliver it to you or source it yourself!


A final note.  This post is not meant to make you fearful of water, it’s about educating you in hopes you make an informed decision.  Sure, I buy a plastic bottle of water out on some days and I don’t freak out about it, but I make it the exception, rather than the norm, and I hope you will too.


Was this helpful?  What water do you drink?  Share any thoughts, comments, or questions below!


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  1. Louise
    Louise says:

    It’s ok if you can afford it we can’t and if your ill the last thing you wanna do is walk up to the nearest spring …… that’s 42 miles away in my case lol

    • Amanda Carneiro
      Amanda Carneiro says:

      I get that. Ask for help! I’m sure someone would be willing to help you get some spring water 1x/month. The next option is to get a really good filter, like the one I mention here. Especially if you’re ill, it’s even more important to give your body what it needs/expects. xo.


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